Established to provide and achieve better patient outcomes through the provision of quality care based on our 3Cs- Compassion, Effective Communication and Consistency.
What Eden’s Elite Home Health Agency Does and How

Eden’s Elite Home Health Agency is a highly skilled-based agency which provides care to infants, teens, young adults and older adults, whose recovery or management of their health conditions is best served in the comfort of their loving homes within Katy Texas area and neighboring counties.

Eden’s Elite Home Health Agency is on a mission to deliver high quality personalized care and support to individuals following doctors’ referrals. This is done by working with experienced registered nurses (RNs), vocational nurses (LVNs), and other qualified health professionals as required per care need in all care services delivered; whether it is a short, intermittent, respite from continuous care or long term, we are fit for all care purposes. Our system of operation is designed to synergize the three Cs of care: Communication, Compassion and consistency to satisfy the increasing demand for personalized quality care to cater to complex health care needs across age groups.

Our health professionals are trained to effectively communicate with patients and their relatives, treating them with respect and dignity, and involving them in all care plans and delivery. This is to ensure that all care delivered are tailored to meet each patient’s needs, and to promote independence in all aspects of care.

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Who We Serve

We serve patients ranging from babies who are 6 months to older adults who are 65 and above.

How Can We Serve You?

Upon getting physician’s referral, a comprehensive, personalized assessment of your needs and condition(s) will follow; which will involve the development of a specialized care plan to ensure that your needs are met. This way, we can help you achieve better health outcomes.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional and paraprofessional services to clients in the comfort of their homes; assisting them to achieve the highest level of potential in their day-to-day self-care activities.

Should you wish to know more about our agency, please contact us immediately.